El Granero Integral Organic Golden Flax Seeds 500g

EAN-13: 8422584018851
Marca: El Granero Integral
Modelo: Semillas de Lino Dorado Bio

The Organic Golden Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral have great nutritional benefits that you can take advantage of in your day to day:

  • ✅ They favor intestinal transit
  • ✅ They protect the cardiovascular system
  • ✅ Reduce digestive inflammations
  • ✅ 100% organic farming

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El Granero Integral Organic Golden Flax Seeds

The Organic Golden Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral contain seeds from organic crops, which guarantees the non-use of chemicals and the purity of the product.

Flax seeds come from the flax plant. Its stems are used to extract the flax fiber used in clothing and its seed is used mainly as a food with great nutritional benefits.

Flax seeds have multiple nutritional benefits, among which the protection of the cardiovascular system stands out due to its omega 3, which also helps prevent the accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Several studies confirm that flax seeds reduce generalized inflammation thanks to omega 3, which lowers the levels of C-reactive protein, which is what indicates the degree of inflammation.

Flax seeds also have benefits at the intestinal level, since they contain a large amount of fiber, among which the mucilage stands out, which when dissolved in water forms a gel that increases the size of the stool, facilitating its mobility.

Regarding their use, they should be ground or wet before consuming them. They can be added to yogurts, whipped cheese, salads, vegetable creams, homemade bread or pastries. They can substitute for breadcrumbs or they can be used to prepare your own vegetable drink.

Characteristics of El Granero Integral Organic Golden Flax Seeds:

  • Thanks to the omega 3 they have, they protect the cardiovascular system, cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced and generalized inflammation decreases
  • They favor intestinal transit due to their high fiber content, 23.9g per 100g
  • High purity of the product as it comes from 100% organic farming

El Granero Integral is a company dedicated to offering organic products such as food supplements. Among its products you can find: flax seeds, sunflower seeds, preserves, essential oils and oat bran, among others.

Format: 500g pack

Variety: golden linen

How to use: pre-soak or grind

Conservation: Store at room temperature, in a cool and dry place protected from light

    Data sheet

    Net Weight500g
    Country of OriginCanadá
    Organic CertifiedYes
    Suitable for vegetariansYes
    Suitable for vegansYes
    Suitable for coeliacsYes
    Suitable for diabeticsYes
    Contains LactoseNo
    Brand El Granero Integral
    ModelSemillas de Lino Dorado Bio

It may contain traces of  sesame, soy, and nuts and mustard.


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Precio genial, grasa buena y super necesaria... para tomarlas tal y como vienen o para molerlas, hacer harina y consumirla en panes o bizcochos...

Es el aporte de fibra q utilizo.
me han gustado mucho
Hay que molerlas
Semillas lino
muy buenas
muy buenas
Semillas de lino dorado

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