Magnesium Carbonate Powder 180 g Ana María Lajusticia

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Marca: Ana María Lajusticia
Modelo: Magnesium Carbonate Powder 180 g

Magnesium Carbonate is one of the magnesium compounds being virtually tasteless is easier to take. It may be added to any food or beverage.

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Magnesium Carbonate Powder

Magnesium Carbonate is a dietary supplement rich in magnesium. It is one of the compounds easier to take magnesium. By being virtually tasteless, can be added to any food or beverage. Failure hiperclorhidria, should be taken with juice of lemon, orange, tomato, yogurt or any acidic food.

Properties of Magnesium

- Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
- Contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth in normal conditions.
- Contributes to the normal functioning of muscles.
- Contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
- It contributes to normal psychological function.
- Is involved in physiological processes such as cell division and protein synthesis.
- It contributes to normal energy metabolism.

How to use: a teaspoon twice a day.

Two teaspoons equivalent to 1.2 g containing 380mg Magnesium.

Net weight: 180g (Contains 300 teaspoons 0.6 g each one)

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    Volume180 g
    BrandAna María Lajusticia
    ModelMagnesium Carbonate Powder 180 g

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