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Soria Natural is a leading company in the Spanish natural medicine sector thanks to constant innovation, research and development. This brand, a benchmark in phytotherapy and dietetics, has an extensive catalog of high-quality supplements and healthy foods.

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Soria Natural, efficiency and quality

Soria Natural was created in 1982, when natural medicine was hardly developed in Spain. At first, they only packaged medicinal plants and little by little they moved towards more complex processes in the laboratory. Today, the Soria Natural laboratory is a benchmark in the natural medicine sector and its success lies in: rigorous quality control , a ambitious research plan , development and innovation , but above all in the great involvement of all the professionals who work for the brand .

Soria Natural is divided into 3: Soria Natural (a reference brand for herbal medicine and dietetics) focused mainly on the sector of herbalists, food division with the same name , dedicated to the cultivation, elaboration and commercialization of special foods and organic foods, and Pharmasor , focused on the pharmaceutical sector with a wide catalog of medicinal plants, homeopathic treatments and supplements.

Soria Natural is a symbol of efficacy, safety and quality at the service of health . These three are the pillars that summarize the brand. They assume that they have a great responsibility with their consumers, which means that they never lower their guard and continue working to be able to offer the best solutions with natural products.

Today, they have their own subsidiaries throughout the country and internationally, being already located in different parts of the planet such as USA, Portugal, Germany, Morocco and Mexico among others , since is present in more than 28 countries . In addition, they teach online courses on herbal medicine and naturopathy for professionals .

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