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Vitalimax Nutrition is a Spanish manufacturer of nutritional supplements intended to meet the nutritional needs of modern life, with an unbeatable value for money.

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Vitalimax Nutrition, exclusive sale at OutletSalud

The seeker finds and you just found a high-end supplementation at a reasonable price Congratulations! At OutletSalud we are always waiting to offer you the best at the best price and we have decided to take this brand exclusively. You can buy liquid Marine Collagen , casein powder neutral and flavored , multivitamin , carbohydrate blocker ... all of the highest quality. We will tell you a little about each of its star products, so that you take them into account when placing your order, we are sure that you will not regret it if you include any of the Vitalimax products in your shopping cart. Covers all modern nutritional needs with really effective supplements .

Colanergy Forte from Vitalimax Nutrition

You're in luck because in our online store you can buy one of the most complete and effective collagens on the market . Colanergy Forte is a nutritional supplement based on Natural Marine Collagen, enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, which can help improve the condition of joints, bones, increase hair shine and nails and improve the quality of the skin . You are facing an improved collagen formula, 40% more effective than most marine collagens on the market and at an affordable price. Benefit from:

  • Its high concentration of hydrolyzed marine collagen (Peptan®)

  • Quick effect, you start to notice it 15 days after its first intake

  • Pleasant red fruit flavor

You couldn't ask for more from marine collagen. In addition, with a bottle you will have the necessary doses for almost a month, 25 . You can also buy it in sticks , in case you need to take it with you or go on a trip, a quick and easy way to take it.

Multimineral Multivitamin from Vitalimax Nutrition

Do you need to take a multivitamin? Here you have one of the most complete multivitamins in composition (with more than 20 vitamins and minerals), easy to take and at a good price . The opinion of our clients certifies it. This complete nutritional supplement can:

  • Prevent diseases

  • Help you increase your nutrient intake

  • Improve physical recovery,

  • Increase energy and vitality levels

  • Help you fight free radicals.

Also, you can find it in loose packaging or in savings pack. Each bottle contains 100 pearls, with which you will have enough for more than 3 months. Buy one of the best multivitamins on the market at the best price at OutletSalud and receive your order tomorrow . It is one of our best products and with reasons.

Casein Pro from Vitalimax Nutrition

The star protein of our online store Why? We tell you the reasons. You already know that we are specialists in low-carbohydrate or specific diet products and this casein protein is ideal for weight loss and muscle regeneration . It contains specific nutrients that contribute to the metabolism of fats, stimulating the absorption of amino acids that are present in pure calcium caseinate, the basis of this product. Casein Pro is composed of:

  • Calcium Caseinate of the highest quality, slow absorption, very suitable for weight loss, maintenance and muscle regeneration

  • Enriched with tryptophan, an amino acid that improves the bioavailability of the protein in the body, guarantees the absorption of the product and produces a feeling of satiety

  • A matrix with micronutrients that maximize its effects, such as Choline Bitartrate, Chromium Polynicotinate and different vitamins

Also, you are facing a protein a without preservatives, without gluten without sugar, without carbohydrates ... in general it does not contain anything that is not necessary for the body in a state of weight loss or maintenance. Anything else? Well, yes, you can buy Neutral calcium caseinate or if you prefer, with Toasted Biscuit flavor or Rocher Bonbon flavor .

As you can see, Vitalimax Nutrition has quality products and these are the top 3 of the brand What are you waiting to try them? If you do your order now, you receive it at home in 24 hours .