Omron BF511 Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

EAN-13: 4015672104051
Marca: Omron
Modelo: BF511 Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

Omron BF511 Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale is suitable for children form 6 years onwards and adults. Calculates the resting metabolism, visceral fat, skeletal muscle and body fat. 

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It is a scale-body composition monitor for adults and children from 6 years with 8 sensors using both hands and feet to a measurement throughout the body. Weight up to 150 kg. In addition to the weight, body fat % and BMI (body mass index) measures the level of Visceral Fat (the dangerous fat for cardiovascular health), the % Musculoskeletal and Basal Metabolic Rate (consumption calories at rest, of interest to make low-calorie diets).

Measurements taken between the upper and lower limbs with 8 sensors. Possible measures of BMI (Body Mass Index), height and weight ratio.


- Measurement and analysis of body fat percentage: age 6 to 80 years

- Measurable levels of visceral fat: age 18 to 80 years

- Measurement of BMI (Body Mass Index)

- Measure percentage of skeletal muscles: age 6 to 80 years

- Calculation of the rate of metabolism break (in Kcal): age 6 to 80 years

- Weight measurement up to 150 kg

- Adjustment: size from 100 to 199.5 cm, age 6 to 80 years and sex


Graphical interpretation

- Percentage of fat mass

- Levels of visceral fat (up to 30 levels)

- Percentage of skeletal muscles

- IMB (- / 0 / + / ++)

- Suitable for adults and children 6 years

- Number of storable users profiles: 4 people

- Medical device clinically validated

- Powered by 4 AA batteries, included

 Warranty 3 years

Clinical Validity 

Clinically validated.

Recommended for:

- Individuals: people "who care" concerned about their health, who want to track the evolution of their weight,% fat, basal metabolism, etc. From 6 years.
- Professionals: medical and pediatric clinics that perform strict controls to patients with obesity problems.

    Data sheet

    Brand Omron
    Model BF511 Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale

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Carmen V. el día 2017-04-10
Isa: Satisfecha!
Isabel P. el día 2017-06-14 Somre el medidor no puedo opinar aun. Es un regalo. Pero ha llegado en perfecto estado y muy rápido. Muy contenta con todos los pedidos hasta ahora!
JUANA MARIA S. el día 2017-10-26 TODO BIEN
Javier G. el día 2017-12-14 Muy bueno y completo, estoy encantado con él.
Báscula Medidor de Composición Corporal Omron BF-5
Pedro M. el día 2018-01-23 Excelente producto. Calidad/precio insuperable
OSCAR E. el día 2018-03-02 buen servicio
Juan Carlos C. el día 2018-04-17 Tal como se anuncia, con instrucciones claras de uso.
MARIA DEL MAR N. el día 2018-08-03 No es muy exacta en sus mediciones, además no coincide el color. Me llegó en verde claro.
NURIA ESTHER G. el día 2018-08-10 Pensé que era de mejor calidad, pero por el resto ha cumplido mis espectativas.

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