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Ana María Lajusticia is a Spanish brand specialized in supplements that help care for and maintain health, focusing its research on collagen and magnesium.

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Ana María Lajusticia, more than 40 years creating supplements

Ana María Lajusticia, Spanish entrepreneur with a long history of dietary supplements, founded her own brand in 1980. This renowned biochemist, after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes , she investigated until she found the problem: her diet was deficient and very rich in carbohydrates . She had hardly any protein intake in her diet and almost did not consume Vitamin C and magnesium. Thanks to her own healing by changing her diet and increasing, among other things, the amount of magnesium, she decided to bring the different nutrients necessary for the care and preservation of health to all people. Since that time, she launched her brand and has dedicated herself to research and disseminating her extensive knowledge in dietetics and nutrition through the different media that have emerged. Her main intention has always been to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Along with the creation and extension of her personal brand, Ana María Lajusticia has published twelve books , among which the edited book should be highlighted in 1979 " Magnesium, key to health ", a bestseller in its time and translated into different languages ​​due to the great impact it caused, being this mineral the most outstanding and studied within its range of supplements, of which she is firmly convinced that there are still many studies to be done and that the magnesium revolution has not yet arrived

Currently, it is a family business that promotes and distributes her products , which Ana María Lajusticia at 97 years old continues to formulate with the same enthusiasm and consuming. She maintains an intense social activity through social networks thanks to her different collaborators. In addition, she has a channel on YouTube, where she publishes weekly content related to health, at the same time that she does interviews, workshops and conferences.

Magnesium and Collagen by Ana María Lajusticia

Ana María Lajusticia has a line of food supplements based mostly on two fundamental ingredients in the human body: magnesium and collagen. On the one hand there is magnesium, which helps in the synthesis of proteins and facilitates the improvement of the state of bones and teeth , in addition to having other beneficial properties for the body, such as support and reinforcement of the nervous system. It is a mineral that has been shown to be deficient in a large part of the population. On the other hand, we find collagen, which is an essential protein for our joints and skin . The properties of collagen help to strengthen and improve cartilage, tendons, nails, bones, hair and skin. The combination of both makes the benefits that they have separately are greater.

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