DEO Perfume Candy 60 g 15 unidades

EAN-13: 3800046401390
Marca: Caramelos Alpi
Modelo: DEO Perfume Candy (15 uds) 60 g

Deo Perfume Candies allow consumers without using perfume fragrance through innovative technology from Japan which, when applied to sweet turns sweat into perfume. 

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Deo Perfume candies are intended for a female audience, as they allow the consumer to smell like perfume without using perfume. How? Through an innovative technology from Japan which, when applied to the sweets turns sweat into perfume. Shocking? This is because it has been shown that after oral administration of rose essential oilthe skin surface segregate to different degrees the main components of rose oil with the higher amount of geraniol. The separation of the skin geraniol leads to an odor with the pleasant aroma of a rose.

This effect is longer in a candy sweetener isomalt and is directly related to body mass. For example, when a person weighs 65 kg the effect occurs significantly after taking 3.6 mg geraniol effect (2 candies) and the effect continues until about 6 hours.

This is known as nutricosmetics and is the future of the science of beauty, as it ensures proper attention to appearance, health and vitality.

The effect of several cosmetic products such as creams, deodorants and others, can be reinforced with the aid of the nutricosmetics. This is the market that we are opening from your candy, so do not hesitate, if you do not want to smell bad after sports or after dancing in a disco Deo Perfume Candy can solve this problem by transforming the sweat off the body in a pleasant perfume.

What are you waiting to try? Many girls and daily use so go ahead and grab a bag of candy Perfume DEO.

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    Country of OriginSpain
    Units per container15
    BrandCaramelos Alpi
    ModelDEO Perfume Candy (15 uds) 60 g

We have not yet declared the list of allergens for this product. For your own security, please visit the ingredients tab and carefully read the product ingredients.

JUANA G. el día 2017-05-20Buen sabor
Muy rico
Maria Jose P. el día 2017-05-24Me encantan, siempre llevo unos cuantos en el bolso por si me apetece tomar un caramelo. Parece increíble que sean sin azúcares.
anna a. el día 2017-05-26No lo she probado porque tienen mucha cantidad de carbohidratos y con mi dieta cetogènica no me lo puedo permitir.
Mariano C. el día 2017-06-04Muy dulces

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