Book Isodiet (in Spanish) 2nd Edition

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Marca: Isodieta
Modelo: Book Isodiet (in Spanish) 2nd Edition

Comprehensive book that explains everything you need to know about the Isodiet or diet Isolipoproteica, which foods to avoid and which are essential to health. Briefly mentioning the science of nutrition ago and shows the basis for good nutrition

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Slimming and revitalizing . No! the "empty calories" that fat, sick and older. Yes ! the " regenerative nutrients " Slimming and prolong life by revitalizing cells, organs and muscles. What foods to avoid and which are essential to your health. Why , how and when your body needs.

What does Isodiet or Diet Isolipoproteica talk about? 

- The whole science of nutrition starts on a false basis
- A "serious scientific error" that has distorted nutrition research for more than 50 years, causing much suffering, sickness and death.
- The basis of nutrition is not to provide energy but "nourish and regenerate our cells."
- All our cells are made of protein and fat, only vegetables contain carbohydrates as a chemical component of their cells.
- There amino acids and essential fatty acids or carbohydrates but not alcohols are convertible only empty fuel fat.
- Oversupply of "foods that do not feed" reduces physical and mental vitality of millions of people, producing cellular degeneration and hormonal changes with unpredictable consequences.
- We condemn our children to live with overweight and suffer degenerative diseases that shorten their lives and that could be avoided with this new nutrition.
- The epidermal growth of all degenerative diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, asthma, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancer, etc.) is parallel to the rise in obesity and has the same cause: "Excess of empty calories" and "nutrient essential ".

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    Country of OriginSpain
    AuthorJaime Brugos
    PublisherJaime Brugos
    GenreWellness & Fitness
    Publication dateNovember 21, 2012
    Brand Isodieta
    ModelBook Isodiet (in Spanish) 2nd Edition

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Carmen V. el día 2017-04-10
Fina i. el día 2017-06-20ok
¡Aun no lo he terminado!
Montserrat C. el día 2017-07-26Es un buen libro. Me esta aclarando muchas cosas. Es un complemento perfecto a Adelgazar sin milagros.
Muy interesante
Antonio T. el día 2017-12-14Te engancha desde el principio

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