Vitality 95 Calcium Caseinate Protein 95% 1kg

EAN-13: 742832534727
Marca: Isodieta
Modelo: Vitality 95 Calcium Caseinate Protein 95% 1 kg

Vitality 95% Casein Protein is recommended for the Isodiet or any diet that has prolonged fasting periods. This high-quality protein, apart from containing all the essential amino acids, has some great characteristics:

  • ✅ Digestion and slow release
  • ✅ Promotes muscle protein synthesis day and night
  • ✅ Ideal for prolonged fasts

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Vitality 95 Calcium Caseinate Protein 95%

The Casein Vitality Protein 95% is recommended for the Isodiet, any diet that has prolonged fasting periods, diet keto, low in carbohydrates ... and is ideal for athletes . In short , if you want to give your muscle a quality protein intake, this protein is perfect .

It is composed of Casein of very high biological value and presents all the essential amino acids, both for adults and children of growing age.

Casein is an ideal protein to prevent muscle catabolism during sleep or in prolonged fasts, since it is digested slowly, which also makes the release of amino acids slow.

The slow release of amino acids ensures that muscle protein synthesis is stimulated for a longer time, contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass and its increase.

Characteristics of Vitality 95 Calcium Caseinate Protein 95%:

  • Contains all the essential amino acids , necessary for both adults and children of growing age.
  • Its slow digestion and assimilation makes the muscle not catabolize while you sleep or are on a prolonged fast
  • Increases muscle mass and maintains it in the period of hours in which you do not provide protein, such as in the hours of sleep or fasting
  • Perfect protein for athletes, isodiet, keto diet, intermittent fasting ...

The IsoDiet by Jaime Brugos is a registered trademark of books and nutritional supplements. Among the books you can find 'Isodieta' in which the author, Jaime Brugos, explains how you can lose weight by marking the number of proteins and fats that you should eat per day according to your weight and height.

One of Jaime Brugos's most famous nutritional supplements is Vitality 95 which is a protein to make shakes that helps you lose weight.

Presentation: Pet Pot

Weight: 1kg

Flavor: Vanilla

    Data sheet

    Net Weight1 Kg
    Country of OriginSpain
    Suitable for vegetariansYes
    Suitable for vegansNo
    Suitable for coeliacsYes
    Suitable for diabeticsYes
    Brand Isodieta
    ModelVitality 95 Calcium Caseinate Protein 95% 1 kg

Registered formula based on Calcium Caseinate (Contains Soy Lecithin), Vanilla Flavor, Sweetener (E-952 and 954), L-Tryptophan and Colorant (Beta Carotene)   

Features of Vitality 95

Name: Vitality 95

Weight: 1000 gr. 



92 g


<1 g


2 g

Calories per 100 g.

363,0 (1.517 Kj)

Aminogram per 100 gr. Protein of Vitality 95


2,83 %


* Lysine

7,4 %

** Arginine

3,29 %


* Methionine

2,74 %

Aspartic Acid

6,67 %


* Phenylalanine

4,75 %


0,37 %



10,05 %

Glutamic Acid

20,46 %



5,66 %


1,74 %


* Threonine

3,93 %

** Histidine

2,83 %


*** Tyrosine

5,3 %

* Isoleucinine

5,02 %


* Valine

6,4 %

* Leucine

8,68 %


* Tryptophan

1,88 %

* Essential Amino Acids

**Essential Amino Acids in Children

*** Essential Amino Acids according to some experts 

Contains Soy Lecithin

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